In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, we are proud to stand at the forefront of technology and innovation. One of the most exciting advancements we have embraced in our dental practices is the use of digital impressions. This revolutionary approach has transformed the way we create impressions of your teeth, offering a more comfortable, accurate and efficient process than traditional methods.

Digital impressions involve the use of cutting-edge scanning technology to create highly accurate, three-dimensional images of your mouth. This process eliminates the need for conventional impression materials, which can be messy, uncomfortable and sometimes cause gagging. Instead, with a digital impression, a small scanning device is gently moved around your mouth, capturing detailed images of your teeth and gums in minutes. This non-invasive procedure not only enhances your comfort but also saves time during your visit.

The precision of digital impressions significantly improves the fit and quality of dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges and aligners. Because the images are digital, they can be instantly shared with our dental lab, where your custom restorations are crafted with unparalleled accuracy. This seamless communication ensures that your final restoration fits perfectly, reducing the need for adjustments and repeat visits.

Moreover, digital impressions are an integral part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. By reducing the use of traditional impression materials and eliminating the need for physical molds, we are minimizing our ecological footprint, one smile at a time.

At our dental practices, our dentists and team understand that staying informed about the latest dental technologies not only enhances the quality of care we provide but also enriches your experience as a patient. We are excited about the benefits that digital impressions offer and are eager to share this advanced technology with you. Whether you are in need of a routine checkup or a complex dental restoration, we are here to ensure that your journey towards optimal dental health is smooth, comfortable and precise.

Embrace the future of dentistry with us, where innovation meets compassion and where your smile is a testament to the highest standards of care. Contact us today to schedule your visit with Drs. Brett Richins, CJ Dorny, Katie Gifford, Bart Sloan, Matthew Jacobsen or Daniel Ford to discuss how you may benefit from digital impressions in Highland and Lehi, Utah.