At our dental practices, we are dedicated to integrating the latest technologies to enhance patient care and outcomes. Among these advancements, hard and soft tissue lasers stand out for their versatility and precision in dental procedures. Here, we delve into the world of dental lasers, exploring their applications and benefits to ensure you are well-informed about the treatments we offer.

Dental lasers operate on light energy and this technology is meticulously calibrated to interact with tissue, both hard and soft, in a way that allows for precision treatments without the discomfort associated with traditional dental tools. Lasers have revolutionized several aspects of dental care, making procedures quicker, less invasive and more comfortable for patients.

Hard tissue lasers are specifically designed to work on teeth and bone. They are highly effective for preparing cavities for fillings, reshaping bone and removing small amounts of tooth structure with unmatched precision. This technology minimizes the need for drills and anesthesia, making your dental visits more pleasant. The precision of hard tissue lasers also means treatments are more conservative, preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

Soft tissue lasers, on the other hand, are used to treat gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. They seal blood vessels and nerve endings as they cut, which significantly reduces bleeding and swelling. This aspect of laser treatment is especially beneficial in procedures involving periodontal disease and cosmetic gum shaping. Patients often experience faster healing times and less discomfort.

Using lasers in dental procedures offers a host of advantages. Patients appreciate the reduced need for sutures with soft tissue lasers and often report less post-operative pain, which usually means fewer pain medications are necessary. The precision of laser dentistry also allows for more of the healthy tooth to remain intact during hard tissue procedures and it reduces the risk of infection by sterilizing the area being worked on.

At our dental practices, our dentists and team are committed to adopting technologies that improve your dental care experience. Hard and soft tissue lasers represent a significant leap forward in this regard, offering more comfortable, efficient and effective treatments. Our team is trained in the latest laser dentistry techniques, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

Drs. Brett Richins, CJ Dorny, Katie Gifford, Bart Sloan, Matthew Jacobsen and Daniel Ford believe in transparency and education, so we welcome any questions you may have about laser dentistry or any other services we offer. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable, positive dental experience that addresses all your needs and concerns. Learn more about hard and soft tissue lasers in Highland and Lehi, Utah, by calling to schedule your visit with us.